- A dog grooming service that travels to you....

You have the right to know who your dog is being left with so here is a bit of information about me:


My name is Gemma Sanders and I am 30 years old. I have lived in Leicester all my life and up until 2014 I worked in an office doing a 9am - 5pm shift. However, I was made redundant and whilst this is generally taken as bad news, I took this as an opportunity to start something new and something that I enjoy. Dog grooming has been something that I have been interested in since I bought home my dog at 8 weeks old - Euston (he's the handsome man on the home page). He is a 8 year old Giant Schnauzer. I have groomed him since he was a young puppy and he is who I have to thank for getting me into grooming professionally. My life really does revolve around him and I am dog mad!! They are amazing animals and they never fail to make you laugh. You cannot beat the love and happiness that they give you that moment you walk in the house after being away from them.


However, Euston has been one of the most difficult and demanding dogs that I have ever met but he has taught me so much along the years and I cannot thank him enough. He has grown up and clamed down a lot now but during his "teenage" years he put me into a position that meant I either had to take the time to really understand him and his behaviours and why dogs act the way they do or I would have lost him. Thanks to Euston I have learnt more than I ever thought I'd know about dogs.


Anyway I could talk about dogs all day long, however back to me, on being made redundant I decided to gain a professional qualification in dog grooming. I gained my City & Guilds Level 2 for Dog Grooming Assistants qualification in April 2014. Although the City & Guilds qualification is not a requirement to move into a dog grooming career, I felt that I could not go into this until I fully understood the care and grooming requirements of some many different and amazing breeds of dogs.


Ok, that is a very short snapshot of me - I hope to meet you very soon!!