- A dog grooming service that travels to you....


My name is Gemma and I provide a mobile dog grooming service - Shampoochies!

I offer you the convenience of staying at home whilst your dog spends time with me being pampered and groomed right outside your front door!


Do you struggle to find the time to travel to the nearest groomers? Does your dog find travelling an un-enjoyable or stressful experience? Do you not like the thought of leaving your dog to wait around in a crate for long periods of time? Is it difficult trying to plan your day knowing that you have to plan in travel time to pick your dog up from the groomers? If the answer is yes to any of these questions then Shampoochies Mobile Dog Grooming will be able to solve these problems for you.


Shampoochies is a mobile dog groomer in Leicestershire. Continue to look around Shampoochies' website for information on services, prices, photos and much more